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按摩系 可以口爆 HJ 去疲劳 欢迎体验

Name 姓名 : 1093号 Han Han 涵涵

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 38C

Room 包房

EAST (东部)

Kembangan 景万岸

$100/60 mins/Massage+CIM

$100/60 mins/Massage+2 HJ


联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see



Boobs Massage★性感波推 / CIM★无套口爆 / Grasp root★抓根 / Regular massage★正规按摩 / Authentic FINGER OIL Massage★正宗油推按摩 / Back Kneeling★跪背 / Back Stepping★踩背 / Head,Neck & Shoulder Massage★头,颈,肩部按摩 / Prostrate Maintenance★前列腺保健 / HDLY★海底捞月 / HJ★打飞机 /


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2018-03-01 22:22美男子 Says:
2018-02-10 01:29HappyMan Says:
A very good girl that have awesome message skill and GFE feel. Worth to spend time with her. Guys take care of this good gem please. Thanks.
Very good at chatting and comfortable massage skills. Good personality, will rtf.
2018-01-31 06:47飞一般的男人 Says:
2018-01-30 15:21Charles. Lee Says:
good massage, good senses, fail safe choice. Worth it.
Excellent service attitude.
It \\\'s perfect to have a good exchange with the girl today, and she\\\' s so good to take care of me, it feels like when she was with her, she was my girlfriend. Must be RTM.
Overall cheerful, sexy and enjoyable experience.
2018-01-28 10:31My Says:
Baby you were very good.You are very cute too!:)
And you have very very beautiful breasts!I love them!
2018-01-22 16:14Patron Says:
Have a good massage, good senses, excellent service attitude.
Overall cheerful, sexy casual, I enjoy a very pleasant experience. Very friendly, I feel very comfortable. Will come back to find her soon.
2018-01-21 22:26Ray Says:

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