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按摩系  50一次打飞机 欢迎体验1
按摩系 50一次打飞机 欢迎体验

Name 姓名 : 1697号 Guo Zhi 果汁

Age 年龄 : 28 Years Old

Height 身高 : 158cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room 包房

EAST (东部)

GeyLang 芽笼

$50/60 mins/Massage+HJ


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Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Kiss★接吻 / Frenching★舌吻 / BBBJ★无套口交 / Deep throat★深喉 / Roam★全身漫游 / Nipples★舔奶头 / HJ★打飞机 /

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2018-07-18 17:58den Says:
this girl service is good .

and friendly ..and good service .
2018-07-17 15:10The north face Says:
This is my 2nd visit, the massage are still as good as my first visit. Worth every single cent you spent.

2018-07-17 03:32小胖 Says:
Best experience ive ever had. Super pretty with nice figure. The way she use her mouth to service you, i assure you wont regret.. For this amount of money, you wont find anywhere else already. Dont try, you’ll regret! 服务真的好棒!不试试看,你会后悔。请兄弟们照顾姑娘。i’ll Rate 10/10.
2018-07-16 21:58弟弟 Says:

Fantastic service. Bj and sucking is fantastic. Please support her. Don\'t want to see her go back too quickly.
2018-07-15 23:22大哥 Says:
2018-07-11 18:12The north face Says:
Her massage skill is good and worth for every single cent you pay... strongly recommend ...
2018-07-06 09:30Cat Says:
She perform very well and skillful. Highly recommended..
2018-07-03 16:46GoodDeal Says:
Just got back from a massage by GuoZhi, her massage is more of a sexy massage. Brothers who wants real hard massage may not be suitable, however if you are looking for good sexy massage this girl is highly recommended.
2018-07-02 19:00科比 Says:
2018-07-02 11:55 Says:
2018-07-02 03:52毛毛 Says:
很认真, 专心的服务。舌头很厉害。
2018-07-01 18:17毛毛 Says:
2018-07-01 16:57Bagus Says:
Very nice experience. Friendly and very accommodating. Got AR and always making sure everything is A ok. Enjoyed the whole session. Will return definitely.
2018-07-01 04:03Blowaway Says:
Fantastic tongue. Great service.
2018-06-30 21:52无花果 Says:

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